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Laser Hair Removal For Men

Everyone asks if it is permanent. Yes, it is totally permanent.

Men are removing their unwanted hair!

We see a larger proportion of men in for laser treatments in our office. It could be the high-tech nature of the treatments or just the fact that they are effective with little or no downtime.

It is sometimes hard to tell how many treatments you might need in advance. Hair develops in phases, and we can only treat hair in its active, visible stage. Therefore, the number of treatments depends on how quickly the untreated hairs appear. For significant clearance, most men require a course of 4-6 treatments, which are spaced at least 6-8 weeks apart.

What are treatments like?

Patients will feel a series of short snaps, somewhat like a rubber band snapping. Treatment times vary depending, of course, on the size and number of areas.

The beauty of this technology is that it effectively destroys the hair itself without harming the surrounding skin. You may be a little red afterward, but that typically goes away in a matter of hours.

Is it permanent?

Everyone asks if it is permanent. Yes, it is totally permanent. The hair we treat with the laser will not grow back, and patients can expect an 85 percent reduction in hair after 4-6 treatments. As we age, our hair patterns change, so this does not prevent the possibility of new hair growth over the years.

The most popular laser procedure for men is actually laser hair removal. The most common area is the back, although other areas of the face and body are popular as well.

Common Areas:

  • Facial Hair
  • Neck
  • Under Arms
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Shoulders
  • Arms, Legs & Back

Laser hair removal is most effective for black, brown and dark red hair colors. Laser technology can not treat lighter hair colors such as blonde, gray or white hair follicles.

Ready to permanently rid yourself of stubborn, unwanted hair?

You are one step away from a younger, more confident you!

“You are so worth it!”™
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