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Believe Dr. Kelly Burkenstock when she says

``You are so worth it!``™

Dr. Burkenstock’s SKIN • BODY • HEALTH is the South’s hallmark Anti-Aging Institute. She uses traditional and alternative medical disciplines to provide an exceptional healthcare experience. Dr. Burkenstock dedicates her practice to offering European technologies in preventative healthcare and skin repair. When she says, “You Are So Worth It!™” she really means it. Everything she does follows her conviction that her clients deserve the very best.

Dr. Burkenstock’s skills as an Internal Medicine physician and her alternative medicine training through a fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine combine with her warm, assuring nature to offer patients a rare mix. She confidently shares her wisdom about health and skin care with her clients to facilitate her goal of helping everyone achieve beautiful skin and fabulous health for life, beginning at any age.

As a benefit of her training with top European, Canadian and American physicians, Dr. Burkenstock personally performs all procedures at her office and believes in the importance of recharging your mind, body and soul.

Groundbreaking Approach to Health and Beauty

In 2004, Dr. Burkenstock became the first physician to introduce mesotherapy contouring in Louisiana. This virtually painless procedure involves the microinjections of vitamins and minerals just under the surface of the skin. Unlike other medical treatments, mesotherapy is administered directly to the problem areas, such as bulges and cellulite areas that will not tone up with diet and exercise alone.

Dr. Kelly Burkenstock was the first physician in this region to develop a club for beauty – again, the leader in the Anti-Aging industry. She can customize a plan to fit your budget and keep you looking fantastic all year long.

Time, sun and living in today’s world take their toll on your face and body.

If You Don’t Like What You See in The Mirror, Let Dr. Burkenstock Turn Back the Sands of Time for You!


Dr. Burkenstock understands that every client is unique and wants the best treatment for his or her body type and goal. She also understands that treatments affect people differently. This is why she consults with her clients on an individual basis to develop the therapies that will benefit them the most.

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Success Stories

So that she can offer her clients the healthiest and most successful alternatives, Dr. Burkenstock has traveled across the globe to study with specialists in anti-aging and restorative techniques, nutrition, food sensitivities, DNA, hormone therapy and whole-body wellness.

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