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The Causes Of Mask Rash And What To Do

The world we live in nowadays, masks have become a normal part of our every day attire. As the pandemic continues, more evidence shows the effectiveness of masks, and more places require people to wear them. As they are essential to peoples health they are not always the best additions to those with facial issues like rosacea, acne, Eczema, allergies and those sensitive to particles in the air. The skin around our nose and mouth are very delicate and constant irritation from wearing a mask can become problems for people especially with topical dermatitis and women between the ages of 40 to 60. Nonetheless there are still things you can do to help avoid and reduce the amount of irritation while wearing a mask.

Choose the right fabric

Depending on the type of mask that you are wearing the fabric and material that it’s made out of can be a huge factor in your skin health. Studies have shown that the most protective masks are made of cotton or polyester blends, such as T-shirt or pillowcase fabrics, are fairly gentle on the skin versus other fabrics.

Make sure your mask fits properly

An important part of wearing your mask properly is ensuring that it fits your face and covers both your nose and your mouth. There should be no gap, but it should not fit too tight either.

A bendable piece across the bridge of the nose can help ensure a good fit while a mask with ties can make it a bit tighter for smaller faces.

Keep your mask clean

Oil, nasal mucus, saliva and sweat can get on your face mask wherever it touches your face. If you’re wearing a reusable mask, make sure to wash your mask with gentle, nonirritating soap after each use and dry it in the dryer. Store fresh masks in a bag to keep them clean. And don’t reuse disposable masks.

Mask skin care routine

With our Mask Care Bundle featuring our hydrating and moisturizing combination of Vitamin C, Floral Seed Cleanser, ZS Blemish, and Blemish Control, you can help treat all your skin issues with low irritation and mild cleansing while brightening and rejuvenating your mask acne. If you are still seeing issues, try going for a few days without make up or any additional skin enhancements under your mask so that your skin can breathe better.

For any skin conditions that have not been healed or are treated, contact your doctor for additional help.

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