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Skin Gen – IUS

The Science To
Beautiful Skin

First fully quantitative DNA skin test

Limited Time Only

Order Skin Gene-IUS DNA Today $999 $497

identifying keys

Scientific DNA Mapping

of your skin genes identifies your skin’s genetic weaknesses & genetic strengths.

Identifying the Keys

to your skin strengths & supporting your skin weaknesses, we can halt & at times reverse skin aging.

The Science To Youthful Skin

Reveal Your Skin DNA As Easy As 1-2-3 (Painless & Simple)

1. Collect

Simply SWAB the inside of your cheek, and mail your DNA sample to our laboratory for analysis.

2. Diagnosis

Receive your personalized Skin Gene-IUS report outlining your genetic DNA strength & weaknesses.

3. Consultation

Dr. Burkenstock will analyze, diagnose, and prescribe a custom tailored regimen consisting of proper foods, supplements, skin care products and medspa treatments dedicated to your unique Skin DNA gene type.

Limited Time Only

Order Skin Gene-IUS DNA Today $999 $497

For Only $999 $497 LIMITED TIME ONLY

Skin Gene-IUS examines a proprietary combination of 15 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories of skin aging

1) Collagen Production & Breakdown 
Are you genetically predisposed to premature wrinkling?
2) Glucose Handling – Glycation(excess skin sugar) & Creepiness
Glycation affects collagen and elastin and creates accelerated skin aging.
3) Melanin production – Defense & repair sun damage and pigmentation
How well can your unique skin genes naturally cope under the UVA & UVB rays of the sun?
4) Antioxidant production & Defense – Free Radical Damage & Oxidation Damage
Are you genetically protected against environmental Free Radical vulnerabilities?
5) Irritation & Toxin Protection – Sensitivity & Inflammation
How well are your genes protecting you against irritation?

“Beautiful Skin Requires Knowledge Not A Miracle!”
¬ Dr. Burkenstock ¬

Your Skin Gene-IUS (Report) Identifies Which Skin Aging Factors You Should Prioritize.

It contains pertinent information to halt the aging process.
Your skin Gene-IUS DNA report is utilized to recommend products and services which are best matched to the individuals genetic makeup. The recommendations are based on science. Our experience is unmatched.

But Why Do I Need To Take This Test?

If you are overwhelmed with contradicting advice about what’s best for your skin’s health and future. If you need motivation to maintain the long term health and quality of your skin.

Or if you just find it easier and more realistic to focus on areas where your skin is genetically weaker, then the skin Gene-IUS Genetic Test is the answer.

Your DNA Determines Your
Unique Skin Care Blueprint.

How Does This Help Me?
There are SO many brands out there and literally thousands of different products & treatments.

Your DNA results are used to scientifically create a personalized and unique regimen tailored specifically to you. This allows you to advance beyond the ‘one-size-fits-all’ suggestions – using the right skincare ingredients & treatments targeted to your own genetic fingerprint.

Just Like An Architect Can Modify a Blueprint, So Can One’s Genetic Blueprint Be Altered.

“Genes are simply a blueprint, genes are not your destiny”
~ Dr. Burkenstock ~


No. There is no need to retake the Skin GENE-IUS Genetic Test as your genes will never change. In terms of this type of DNA test, your DNA is the same throughout your entire life. This is a once in a lifetime investment that will ensure you never waste a single cent again on useless products and treatments.
No matter what age you are, it is never too late to focus on the future health of your skin.
Skin GENE-IUS takes value in the trust you place in us. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, to retain data accuracy, and to ensure the use of the information, we use a range of technical, physical and administrative measures to protect the information we collect about our members. We will Never share your personal information.
Your DNA sample may be retained by Skin GENE-IUS for up to seven (7) days after your saliva sample is processed (for re-testing if necessary), at which time your sample is sent to the isolation bay where the sample undergoes the disposal process.
We are surrounded by more health advice then ever, But what's really right for you? In the past we could only answer this question in a very general way, everyone got the same recommendation on nutrition and skin health. Now, you can advance beyond one-size-fits-all suggestions. The skin health insights from your Skin GENE-IUS Genetic Test Results can point you toward the prevention measures most suited to you. Even if you followed everybody’s advice to the letter, no-one is able to accurately predict how your skin will age just by looking at you. If you are overwhelmed with contradicting advice about what’s best for your skin’s health and future, if you need motivation to maintain the long term health and quality of your skin, or if you just find it easier and more realistic to focus on areas where your skin is genetically weaker, then the Skin GENE-IUS Genetic Test is for you.
Although you could purchase and use a wide variety of skincare products, most skin care professionals would agree that this is neither economical, nor practical. By understanding your skin’s predispositions – from a DNA perspective – we are able to identify the right things you should be using an individualized skincare program specifically for you! This targeted approach (rather than a shotgun, or one-size fits- all skincare approach) ultimately helps save you time, money and more importantly focuses your skincare regimen on key areas that are important to your individual skin’s physiology.
Absolutely, we are fortunate enough today, in that the science of skincare has progressed so far we had no problems finding ingredients capable of slowing down Collagen Breakdown, Sun Damage, Oxidation, Glycation and/or Inflammation. It’s just a matter of knowing which ingredients are best suited for each individual’s gene type to help tackle their skin aging problems.
Know the root cause of your skin aging, Halt the aging process! Be able to fix & prevent skin aging. It gives you the key to your skin.