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Lose Weight and Keep It Off For Good With Rapid Transformational Therapy®️

Lose Weight and Keep It Off With RTT®️

Losing and maintaining weight can be difficult and frustrating, especially as we age and with the amount of stress we’re under in modern life. Despite doing everything right, fad diets and yo-yo dieting don’t work, especially long term because weight loss is more than a simple fad formula. Choosing healthier options, reducing portions, and increasing exercise are important components of healthy sustainable weight loss, but you must also identify and address behavior triggers sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ (RTT) is a powerful tool that can help you discover the root cause(s) of your weight loss challenges and change your relationship with food forever. (RTT) combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and neuroscience for effective, long-lasting results. The foundation of RTT is hypnosis which helps us connect and converse with our subconscious mind to obtain crucial information necessary to break through your plateau. 

RTT was created by Marisa Peer, a world-renowned therapist, speaker,bestselling author, and Dr. Burkenstock´s colleague who has helped royalty, Olympians, CEOs, and celebrities. Peer created this valuable, helpful, and gentle tool that has the potential to change your life for the better.  Dr. Burkenstock has trained with her colleague Marisa Peer and gives RTT rave reviews. Dr. Burkenstock has been very successful in her practice treating not only weight loss clients, but also anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia and more with RTT hypnosis.

What Exactly Is The Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious mind is intricate and complicated, and even cognitive psychologists and neuropsychologists who study the brain do not fully understand how it works. Neurologists estimate that your subconscious mind is responsible for 90% (or more) of your life. It is responsible for logic, decisions, and determination so accessing that part of your brain provides valuable insight and guidance essential for understanding why long term weight loss is challenging for you.Renowned speaker, author, and highly sought after mental health coach Noah St. John explains Why Your Mind Is Like an Iceberg: “According to scientific research, your Conscious Mind makes up less than 10 percent of your total brain function. That means that the Subconscious or unintentional aspect of your mind represents around 90 percent of your total brain function. Your Subconscious is a vast collection of unintentional, habitual thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Therefore, the phrase that best describes the Subconscious mind is NO CHOICE.”

How Does RTT Help With Weight Loss?

Achieving and maintaining your goal weight requires letting go of deep emotional and subconscious beliefs that have been sabotaging your weight loss efforts. You might or may not be aware of your trigger behaviors, which are usually emotional, like when you have a bad day and splurge on chocolate. Chocolate gives the brain an immediate dopamine- feel good- burst. (It seems to provide relief momentarily, but this is only a temporary feeling, not a permanent solution.) That’s where RTT hypnosis comes in to tap into your subconscious mind so you can discover the underlying issues and address them.

Common subconscious beliefs:

Is RTT Right For Me? 

RTT is a tool to help you take control of a problem you have struggled with for years, which is usually something deeper than eating habits and self-discipline. RTT and other forms of hypnosis help your mind relax so you can get to the core of the matter, not just the surface.

  • I’m not good enough
  • I can never lose weight because I’m not working hard enough
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I don’t have self-discipline
  • I don’t have the confidence to do this or that
  • I don’t deserve love/good things

When the real, deep seeded issues are not properly addressed, weight loss attempts can become habitual and can fail. This is why yo-yo dieting and fad diets don’t work. Restrictive diets are ineffective and can have the opposite effect for long-term weight loss. 

RTT takes one to three sessions, but unlike fad diets it  works and the results are sustainable. Even if weight loss isn’t your primary goal, RTT hypnosis can be life changing because it allows you to let go of the negative or destructive thoughts that plague your self-conscious mind. You will likely experience secondary gains from your RTT sessions. 

Dr. Kelly Burkenstock focuses on helping her patients feel beautiful on every possible level. She knows physical issues affect how we look and emotional issues affect how we see ourselves. Her mission is to get you feeling better – inside and out. 
If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for years, schedule a consultation with Dr. Burkenstock to begin your personalized weight loss program today. Dr. B is trained in RTT and has other great scientifically backed weight loss methods including DNA Testing for Weight Loss. The more information you have, the easier it is to achieve lifetime optimal weight success.

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