Patient Success Stories

So that she can offer her clients the healthiest and most successful alternatives, Dr. Burkenstock has traveled across the globe to study with specialists in anti-aging and restorative techniques, nutrition, food sensitivities, DNA, hormone therapy and whole-body wellness.

“People ask me all the time how I manage to look so young. I’m not ashamed to tell them – It’s all thanks to Dr. Burkenstock. I feel like Dr. B really did turn back the sands of time.”

- Brenda on her Botox and Dermal Fillers

“It helped develop my plan for eating in the future and also working out.”

- Hope on her DNA assessment

“I started being more energetic, I had clearer skin, and I didn’t have the puffiness in my face anymore.”

- Holly on her thyroid hormone therapy

“Being that I shoot models and I’m out in the public eye all the time, I want to look as good and as young as I can.”

- Greg on his Brotox and filler treatment

“I was impressed with the immediacy of the results. Also, it had no detrimental effects on my heart condition because it was not medication. The procedure was virtually pain free and it was over so quickly. I would recommend this to any guy that needed a little extra when the moment calls for it.”

- Jeff on his PRP male enhancement therapy

“When you’re with Dr. Burkenstock, it’s all about you. She has a way of putting her patients at ease.  With Doctor Burkenstock you feel as if you’re sitting in a friend’s kitchen having coffee. A luxurious spa for her clients just seems like something she’d do.”

- Diane on her overall experience

“It’s amazing how looking better makes me feel better.”

- Lillian on her anti-aging therapy

Holly B. - Skin Body Health patientHolly B. - Skin Body Health patientHolly B. - Skin Body Health patientTheresa M. - Tattoo Removal PatientTheresa M. - Tattoo Removal PatientTheresa M. - Tattoo Removal PatientTheresa M. - Tattoo Removal PatientTheresa M. - Tattoo Removal Patient

Articles & Publications

Sophisticated Woman - November 2013

"When Dr. Kelly Burkenstock says she will go to the ends of the earth to help her clients look and feel better, she really means it. An expert in Skin Care and Anti-Aging, she frequently trains with world-renowned physicians throughout Europe in order to learn procedures that restore vitality and youth, without the need for surgery."

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Gambit (The Advocate) - March 2015

"Drawing from her studies in anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and internal medicine, Dr. Kelly Burkenstock created Skin, Body, Health, a practice geared toward making patients feel younger and healthier."

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Sophisticated Woman - October 2016

"As a medical specialist with extensive international training in anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, and hormone medicine, her passion is to empower clients to look fabulous and feel phenomenal at any age."

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