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Part 5 Hormones

Have you begun a diet plan with a friend and I lost weight and you didn’t? The reason is probably in your genes!  As a woman physician who struggles with this very issue, it has been my life crusade to share my knowledge and personal experience of the often-overlooked successful multi-step approach to optimal weight.  Your unique DNA sequences determine what percent of each macronutrient ( proteins, fats, carbohydrates)  that you are built genetically to metabolize efficiently. This DNA information regarding your brain neurotransmitters, your proper food balance, and custom exercise rest in peace begin your personalized program.

 The DNA combined with your thyroid function, blood sugar, health, food allergies and sensitivities, hormone levels, vitamins, and amino acids, balance and form an interconnected wheel, and each component should be addressed in order to achieve lifetime optimal weight balance.

 Are you gaining weight even though your food intake hasn’t changed and you are exercising?! After the age of 40, weight loss is not just “ eat less, exercise more”  which only applies when hormones are perfectly regulated. There are many hormone cascades in your body and the symphony these hormones play creates proper functioning metabolism, weight loss and fat burning, as well as improve strength, libido, energy, memory, and mood.

 Thyroid hormones ( T3, T4,) testosterone, progesterone, estradiol, estriol, testosterone,  DHEA,  cortisol, and SHBG  must be in their sweet spot in harmony for the body’s Orchestra to optimally function. By testing your hormone levels, Physicians can see where your individual hormones may be too high or too low and treat all accordingly.

 Belly fat, sugar cravings, and lousy sleep, for example, can be due to decreased estradiol, estriol, and increased cortisol.  try yoga, meditation, massage, exercise as well as Tai Chi and heart math.  Also, high-quality omega fish oil (high DHA/EPA) , and PhosphatidylSerine,  and Relora ( Magnolia and PhellodendronHave been proven beneficial. 

 low thyroid hormones, (T3 or T4) can cause weight gain and is managed with thyroid hormones. Decreasing stress and gluten will also help.  In addition, eliminating plastic drinkware and containers as now BPF (BPA replacement) have also been shown to cause hormone disruption in humans.  Increase vitamin D,B6, B9, B12, and selenium and add more Brazil nuts and turkey to your diet. 

Low estrogen stimulates appetite and leads to belly fat. Researchers at Yale found that estradiol uses the same pathway as leptin – the hunger button hormone. Natural estrogen balancers are flax seed, dried fruit, beans and peas, as well as exercise and orgasm. Estradiol/ Estriol Hormone replacement may be warranted. 

Low testosterone can make your muscle mushy and slows metabolism and is less responsive to resistance training. Natural testosterone balancers are decreased sugar, increased egg yolks, tuna, shellfish, oysters, and beef. Zinc, vitamin D, and DHEA supplements can also boost testosterone. 

Stay tuned for part 6 vitamins and amino acids.

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