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Your skin is shiny and you may experience a lot of excess oil on your face, shoulders, neck and back. Oily skin is caused by an over production of oil (sebum) by the skin’s sebaceous glands due to genetic factors. This occurs mainly in the t-zone of the face (forehead, nose, and chin), which causes grease and large clogged pores leading to acne or black/whiteheads. Oil production is at its peak at midday when you may feel like you want to wash your face. Oily skin may also be caused by humid climates, stress, cosmetics, hormones or over drying your skin. On a positive note, oily skin ages more slowly, helps to prevent wrinkles and can be easily managed.


Now that you know your skin type, here are some skincare tips and recommended Skin Body Health natural skincare products perfect for your unique skin. Stay away from products formulated to treat oily skin as they strip the skin of its natural oils (needed for moisture and protection). The skin actually starts to produce more oil when it senses that it is dry, which just makes the problem worse. Even if you are prone to acne, use a moisturizer that does not clog your pores and contains natural moisturizing ingredients that soak in and don’t stay on the surface of your skin. Use a cleanser that moisturizes and cleans at the same time. Especially avoid soaps with drying ingredients such as sulfates.

Shiny & Oily Skin Type | Skin Body Health natural skin care products, with anti aging benefits, are specially formulated to moisturize dry skin for radiant milky-soft skin.

Triple Exfoliant Cleanser

Triple Exfoliant Cleanser is a powerful cleanser specifically designed to address problematic skin. It reaches deeply into pores and lifts out stubborn dirts and oils. This product is a remarkable cleanser that features Beta-Hydroxy Salicylic Acid to dissolve and remove excess oil and dead skin cells that build up inside of pores and lead to problem skin and breakouts. To leave skin feeling clean and radiant, you need something with deep, pore-penetrating power.

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Alpha Exfoliant

Alpha Exfoliant Glycolic Acid Exfoliator 3.5% has a small, thin, penetrable molecular structure which allows it to penetrate deeply and widely into the skin’s surface Glycolic Acid is an efficient and reliable skin exfoliation ingredient with unrivaled efficacy when it comes to renewing skin texture. Formulated at 3.5%, it is gentle, but powerfully effective. Glycolic acid gets to work in fighting the signs of aging and dull skin.

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Satin Seal

Satin Seal is an incredibly powerful moisturizer and hydration stabilizer that has rapid replenishing ability. This product was created to replenish the skin’s natural lipid quantity that are lost to aging, washing, stress, or environmental exposure. Satin Seal delivers and restores essential lipids to the skin and encourages a healthy moisture balance for lasting softness, suppleness, elasticity, and hydration. Satin Seal fortifies delicate skin membranes and lock in moisture, to regain a youthful and healthy appearance.

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Pure Mineral Sunscreen

Our skin is our largest organ which means it needs the most protecting. The key to anti-aging and protecting your skin for the long run is using a gentle yet powerful sunscreen. Our Pure Mineral Sunscreen is boosted with zinc and titanium to help with inflammation and protect your skin from UVA and UVB radiation. With SPF 29, your skin will be protected while it takes in Vitamin D and all the vitamins and minerals in our sunscreen.

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Micro-Dermabrasion Cleanser

Dr. Kelly Burkenstock’s Microdermabrasion Cleanser is a very powerful, but gentle exfoliator that uses medical-grade aluminum oxide crystals to effectively scrub away dead skin and wash away dirt and oil. When it comes to dermabrasion, the scrubbing catalyst and essential ingredients have a significant impact on the level of effectiveness. This product has exceptional exfoliation that provides stunning results and renewed skin.

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ZS Blemish Mask

For skin that needs a deep cleansing, Z Sulfur Acne Mask uses a clay-based formula that draws out impurities from deep within the skin that your daily cleanser may not be reaching. It purifies, repairs damage, and restores the natural barrier to lock in moisture.Don’t let problem skin stand in the way of you and your most confident self. Our Zinc & Sulfur mask was specifically formulated to target even the most troublesome blemishes and oily areas, and provide the user with a calming, therapeutic experience while treating the skin.

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