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Your skin always needs moisture. It experiences irritation from certain chemicals and lotions and is often affected by temperature changes. Dry skin looks dehydrated and is generally tight, rough or itchy. You may see flakiness or scaling. People with dry skin tend to also have thin skin in the epidermis (outer layer). Cellulite becomes more apparent as deeper fatty tissues push through the connective tissue beneath the skin. Don’t confuse dry skin with dehydrated skin. Dry skin is caused by a lack of oil production (or sebum) in the skin; however, dehydrated skin is only temporary and is caused by a lack of water due to environmental factors, climate or not drinking enough water. It can also be caused by heaters, hot baths/showers, and age. Sensitive skin usually looks red and dry, but it is different for each person. People with sensitive skin may also experience eczema, rosacea and sunburn or just feelings of discomfort.


Now that you know your skin type, here are some skincare tips and recommended Skin Body Health natural skincare products perfect for your unique skin. If you live in a dry climate or use a heater, consider getting a humidifier for your home or bedroom—moisture is key. Since your skin mainly repairs itself at night, focus on a skincare routine before bedtime. Use sunscreen during the day so you don’t reverse the impact of your overnight rejuvenation. Pay close attention to ingredients in makeup, soap, lotions and laundry detergent to avoid skin sensitivities and allergies. Especially avoid soaps with drying ingredients such as sulfates. Relief comes with using natural products such as Skin Body Health skincare products.

Sensitive & Dry Skin Type | Skin Body Health natural skin care products, with anti aging benefits, are specially formulated to moisturize dry skin for radiant milky-soft skin.

Floral Seed Cleanser

Floral Seed Cleanser is a gentle, but very powerful cleanser that is enriched with a combination of Rose Hip Seed Oil, Olive Oil Castile, Seaweed, and Oil of Kumquat to provide a complete spectrum of skin nourishment and protection every time you wash your face. These oils are highly rich in Vitamin A, C, E and F, which help influence collagen growth in the skin, leading to a reduction in wrinkles and firmer skin. This cleanser delivers a smoother and younger looking appearance to the skin, and will leave not leave it overly dry and stripped of moisture, but instead rejuvenated, fresh and glowing.

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Squalane & Vitamin E

Keeping the skin hydrated and protected is key to achieving a younger and healthier appearance. The skin is the first line of defense against any external factors or stress and therefore must be protected and moisturized. This formula features Squalane, a pure and natural moisturizer, and Vitamin E, one of the most powerful antioxidants and skin-protecting nutrients. This product is an incredibly resourceful treatment to protect, revive, and reinvigorate the skin by ensuring that any moisture and aging is quickly restored.

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Pure Mineral Sunscreen

Our skin is our largest organ which means it needs the most protecting. The key to anti-aging and protecting your skin for the long run is using a gentle yet powerful sunscreen. Our Pure Mineral Sunscreen is boosted with zinc and titanium to help with inflammation and protect your skin from UVA and UVB radiation. With SPF 29, your skin will be protected while it takes in Vitamin D and all the vitamins and minerals in our sunscreen.

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Voo Doo DNA Cream

Voo Doo DNA Cream is a specialized, anti-aging corrective cream that targets multiple signs of aging and damaged skin to renew and rejuvenate while you sleep. This powerful corrective cream targets multiple signs of aging to renew and rejuvenate the skin while you sleep. It acts on specific components within the skin called telomeres, which regulate and support healthy skin function. It helps to counteract the effects of oxidative stress that lead to skin damage. It visibly tightens and firms the look of aging skin and minimizes the appearance of discoloration and poor texture, and even reduces the appearance of blemishes. It helps skin to rediscover the look of youth, with improved radiance, luminosity, hydration and elasticity.

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Erej Eye Rejuv

Erej Eye Rejuvenator is a highly effective treatment to eliminate those pesky dark circles. Using an active ingredient mix of purified soy, rice and yeast peptides, the formula stimulates blood circulation away from the eyes to dramatically reduce dark circles and puffiness.This natural seaweed and hyaluronic serum works to restore moisture levels to keep skin soft and smooth. The gentle nature of this product is safe to use around the eyes, cooling and soothing to the touch, and spreads and absorbs easily into the skin for a comfortable application.

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