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How to make the perfect protein smoothie

Protein smoothies are a great way to get a nutrient-packed snack or meal on the go. Whether you’re looking to fuel your workout or want a tasty and healthy way to start your day, protein smoothies are the perfect solution. With just a few ingredients- and powder, liquid and capsule supplements, you can make your own delicious, energizing vitamin smoothie in no time. All you need to know is how to make the perfect protein smoothie. Read on!

How Protein Vitamin Smoothies Benefit Your Body

Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet. It helps maintain your muscles, hair, nails, and skin, and it also plays a part in a number of other important processes in the body, like energy production and immune function. If you’re looking to increase your protein intake or want a different way to get some protein in your diet without eating the same old foods, protein smoothies are an easy and tasty way to do it. These smoothies are a great way to get more protein in your diet because they taste delicious, are easy to make and are also convenient. 

Vitamin supplements are essential to replace micronutrients you may not be getting from your diet. Our fresh fruits and vegetables are not as vitamin enriched as they once were due to pesticides, poor soil, and water that may be tainted with xenoestrogens and other pollutants. As we know processed foods, fast foods, fried foods, and adult alcohol beverages can actually deplete our body’s micronutrients which are important for growth, healing, antiaging and repair.

Read on to know how to make a protein vitamin packed smoothie.

Easy Steps for Making the Perfect Protein Smoothie

Here is a step-by-step guide for preparing the best protein smoothie. It is among the easiest protein smoothie recipes you will find.

1. Choose a Creamy Base

A creamy base like almond, coconut, or oatmeal milk, yogurt, or cottage cheese will give your protein smoothie a rich, velvety texture. It’s important that you choose the right type of creamy base. Healthy milks are a great ingredient for adding protein to your smoothie, if you want to use Greek yogurt, choose a low-fat or non-fat variety because full-fat Greek yogurt has a lot of calories.

2. Choose a Protein Powder

You can choose from whey, egg, pea, hemp, or rice protein powders, and check the ingredients to ensure it’s free of artificial additives and other unnecessary ingredients. Alternatively, you can use Dr. Burkenstock’s Skin Body Health chocolate, vanilla or cheesecake protein shake packet. Add about a quarter of a cup or one packet of  Dr. Burkenstock’s Skin Body Health chocolate, vanilla or cheesecake protein shake packet for your protein powder base

3. Choose Your Flavorings

Some popular flavor combinations include adding fresh or frozen fruit to your protein smoothie, along with spices like nutmeg or cinnamon.You can add ground oats, flax seeds, or even vegetables like spinach or kale. Depending on your preference and desired results, you can add sweeteners like honey or monk fruit to make your protein smoothie even more delicious. (Artificial sweeteners may spike your insulin and are not recommended).

4. Add Your Supplements

Such as Vitamin D K1,K2 drops, Alkaline Greens powder, Vitamin C 2000 Power, Probiotic powder and Collagen Supreme Powder. Or vitamin choices of your own. Get creative and vitamin enriched!

5. Blend Your Protein Vitamin Packed Smoothie

Once you’ve added all your ingredients, it’s time to blend your protein smoothie. Put all your ingredients in a blender, and blend until you have a smooth and creamy texture. If you’d like a thinner texture, add more liquid to your smoothie. If you’d like a thicker texture, add more protein powder.

7. Pour and Enjoy Your Protein Vitamin Smoothie!

You can drink your protein vitamin smoothie as is or add a bit of extra garnish, like fresh fruit or a sprinkle of nuts.


Making the perfect protein vitamin smoothie is a great way to start your day off right or refuel after a tough workout. Packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, a protein smoothie is a delicious and nutritious way to get your daily dose of nutrients. Whether you’re a wanting vitality or fitness enthusiast looking to fuel up before a workout or even  an athlete looking to recover after a tough game, you can make the perfect protein smoothie with the above guidelines.

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