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Low Testosterone the Cause of Andropause or ‘Male Menopause’ – By Dr. Kelly Burkenstock

The Latest HormoneTherapies Help Low T!

Most people know that testosterone is an important male hormone. However, not many truly understand its functions; even worse, very few people are actually aware of how normal it is for men to experience problematic declining levels of testosterone. 

Around thirty years of age, testosterone levels begin to decline leading to Andropause, also known as Male Menopause. Symptoms experienced can be reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depression, loss of body hair, swollen breasts, palpitations, fatigue, irritability, reduced self confidence, memory loss, sleep problems, loss of muscle, and increased fat. 

Of interest is that in underdeveloped areas of the world, men in indigenous tribes mostly do NOT experience low testosterone nor other symptoms of andropause! Why you may ask? Less environmental pollutants, less inflammation, more exercise and better general tribal lifestyles. 

Read on to discover how to protect your vigor, vitality, strength and penile health. There are a number of causes of andropause such as medication side effects, a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, pollutants, xenoestrogens, and synthetic estrogens. Xenoestrogens and Synthetic Estrogens and pollutants disrupt the normal male estrogen-testosterone balance and lead to unwanted prostate growth, and male infertility.

Understanding Testosterone Levels
According to researches at the National Institute of Health, testosterone may be best classified as a sex hormone, but its function extends far beyond a man’s libido. In fact, this hormone plays a role in a multitude of bodily functions. Testosterone can influence a man’s bone and muscle mass while also regulating fat distribution throughout the body. More than that, this hormone has even been shown to impact the production of red blood cells in addition to sperm. It even affects the development of other hormones throughout the body. Therefore, when a man’s testosterone levels start to waver, other hormonal imbalances can result. The cascading effect can be dramatic.

This means that testosterone is very important to men. However, most men experience fluctuations in hormone production over the course of their lives.  Unfortunately, many men experience problems with low testosterone levels. In order to avoid the consequences of this problem, you must first understand the symptoms. Some symptoms are general and can include lower energy levels, depression, decreased motivation or difficulty concentrating. Some men experience physical symptoms like insomnia, weakness, increased body fat and enlarged breasts. The impact can also be sexual with problems like erectile dysfunction and even infertility. 

In fact, testosterone deficiency may be a risk factor for cardiovascular events and death,” T. Hugh Jones, MBChB, MD, FRCP, honorary professor at the University of Sheffield Medical School, United Kingdom, and consultant endocrinologist states. “If you normalize the circulating testosterone level with replacement therapy and monitor the patient, then that ultimately reduces the risk for CV death and events, especially in the diabetes population, for which we have produced evidence. Three other studies have confirmed this. It is important to make a careful, correct diagnosis of hypogonadism and replace the testosterone to a normal level,” he mentions (Clark RV, et al). 

Treatment Options:

Diet – Avoid any food that contains antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. Always look for free range or cage free foods as well to limit exposure to hormones. 

Testosterone-boosting foods include: 


Exercise – It is extremely important to exercise. Gentlemen: get off the couch! Movement improves circulation and natural testosterone production. The more muscle a person has, the more testosterone the body produces. Regular exercise and building strength can help reduce low testosterone symptoms.  

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy – While the symptoms of low testosterone may be frightening and disruptive, they are not without recourse. Men who struggle with their testosterone levels can find relief with testosterone replacement therapy via bioidentical hormone creams or injections. Some men are worried about the safety and effectiveness of hormone treatments, but these worries are mostly unnecessary. Thanks to advanced research, hormone treatments, especially bioidentical hormone treatment is now more effective and safer than ever.  

The amount of testosterone hormone replacement therapy a client receives is based on every client’s symptoms and blood work levels. This allows the physician to customize the hormone treatment to target specific deficiencies. By tailoring the dosages, it is possible to minimize side effects and maximize the impact. As many men age they can make an excessive amount of estrogen, the dangerous “cancer-linked” estrogen. When high estrogen levels are found, an estrogen blocker is simply added to the client”s compounded cream.  Because treatment is ongoing, hormone levels are monitored throughout the process. This gives insight into how well the treatment is working and allows for any dosage adjustments to keep the male hormones in a balanced rhythm.

While testosterone hormone replacement therapy is not magic, many men believe it to slow the signs of aging. Men report feeling more vitality, strength and libido. Additionally, many men state they have better focus, concentration, and memory when using hormone therapy.  As a bonus you may experience renewed energy levels, better weight loss, sounder sleep and a revitalized sex drive.

Bioidentical hormones are a specific type of male hormone treatment. Instead of relying on synthetic hormones, these are natural hormones. The popular theory is that this makes them safer than other alternatives, current research is ongoing and promising.  Because these hormones are a biological match to the ones found in your body, they are thought to work more effectively and with fewer side effects.

You can use bioidentical hormones in a cream form. Because these are naturally produced, these creams have fewer additives that are linked to other diseases and even cancers. These hormone creams have been associated with improved energy levels, weight loss, better sleep and a renewed libido. They can also enhance your focus and mood. Male testosterone creams are customized for the client and may  include melatonin, saw palmetto, progesterone , DHEA and more. The amount of compounded bioidentical hormone cream used daily can be concentrated. This allows the client to use the size of a green pea so there is no mess. 

Your Path to Relief
Testosterone, DHEA and other male sex hormones are incredibly important to a man’s overall emotional and physical wellness. Therefore, do not take any symptoms of testosterone loss lightly. Testosterone replacement therapy and bioidentical alternatives can get you back in the saddle! If you are interested in male hormone replacement or have any questions, please call Dr. Burkenstock now and schedule a consultation to find the best course of treatment for you.


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    Hormonal imbalance has significant negative impacts on the health of a person. So, precautionary measures should be taken into consideration to optimize the secretion of different types of hormones including testosterone. Testosterone plays a critical role in the growth of the body as well as the sexual health of a person. A decline in the testosterone level could have disastrous outcomes. Testosterone imbalance not only has negative impacts on the physical health of a person but it also has a negative influence on mental health.

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  • Thomas Clarence

    Thank you for helping me to understand that depression can be one of the symptoms that are associated with low levels of testosterone. I have been feeling really down the last couple of weeks, and it has caused my anxiety levels to increase as well. I thought it was because I wasn’t exercising as much. I’m going to have to find a doctor so that I can find out what my testosterone levels are at.

    August 3, 2020 at 5:40 pm

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