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How the Ooh La La PRP Shot for Women Works to Improve Intimacy Issues – By Dr. Kelly Burkenstock

Platelets in the blood are an important part of the rejuvenation and healing process in the human body. Their main job is to clot together in order to prevent too much blood from seeping through a wound. But besides this, they are also capable of speeding up healing, and rebuilding new healthy cells so that damaged areas of the body can regenerate faster. Usually, platelets quickly respond to an injury to ensure that a person heals properly. There is a cutting edge restoration treatment called Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP  that can rejuvenate aging, trauma and health issues, especially certain intimacy issues that a woman or man might have. This prp procedure was used by NFL star Drew Breeze for a shoulder injury and golf star Tiger Woods for wrist issues with overwhelming success.

The Treatment Process

The PRP shot is an injection that is composed of platelet-rich plasma. It is a safe and easy procedure as the small amount of blood needed to derive the plasma and stem cells are derived from the client’s own blood. The client’s blood is then put into a special centrifuge machine so that the platelet rich plasma is separated from the client’s blood. Afterwards, the clitoral area and G spot where the platelets will be injected is numbed with a local anesthetic to prevent a client from feeling any discomfort. Then, the platelets are injected directly into the affected site. The procedure takes less than a minute and is virtually pain free! It is like pulling weeds and then  putting fertilizer and new seeds into a landscape- everything blooms beautifully! Healthy vaginal tissue is often restored and most clients report libido as well as orgasms are improved.

The Main Women’s Intimacy Issues that the Ooh La La PRP Treats

Sometimes, premenopausal and menopuasal women struggle with certain intimacy issues that make sex less enjoyable for them. A lack of sensation in their clitoris or vagina, and a decrease in libido and  excitation often occur during perimenopause and menopause These issues are often caused by aging or damage to the tissues, nerves and blood vessels in the vaginal and clitoral areas. So by receiving an injection of platelet rich plasma into these areas, the tissue can regenerate so that the sensations a woman feels are stronger and more pleasurable for her. This is important to a woman being able to reach orgasm during sexual relations.  Platelet rich plasma treatment has been extremely successful in restoring libido, orgasms,and pleasure during relations.

Other Women’s Issues the PRP Treatment Can Help With

Besides a loss of sensation in the clitoris and vagina, some women struggle with urinary incontinence when laughing, coughing, sneezing and or during sexual relations.. While it is  common, these issues can cause embarrassment . These issues can also make it difficult for them to relax enough to achieve orgasm. Some of the reasons that incontinence occurs is because of aging or trauma to the nerves and muscles. So if a woman receives platelet-rich plasma treatment in this region, the problem is improved and often cured.

The Speed and Effectiveness of the Ooh La La PRP Treatment

One of the most frustrating problems that women with decreased sensation issues have is that most of the topical creams and other sexual-stimulation devices that are available don’t work quickly enough. These methods must be used during every encounter decreasing spontaneity and sometimes they do not assist. The platelet-rich plasma procedure has been praised so highly because as soon as the procedure takes place, a woman is able to experience an increase in her clitoral and vaginal sensations and the results continue. The Ooh La La rejuvenation usually only takes two or three treatments for the clitoris and vagina to be revived and the Ooh La La rejuvenation  usually lasts several years. Women who have sustained more serious trauma to these areas because of childbirth or other health issues may need more treatment sessions.

The Discreteness of the PRP Treatment Process

Another concern that women who are interested in this procedure sometimes have is whether or not the treatment process is discreet, especially if they are unsure about sharing their intimacy issues with their partner. The process only takes about an hour, most of this time is processing the plasma and then less than a minute to inject the platelet rich plasma. The needle that is used is tiny and thin, most clients do not feel the treatment. There are usually no visible signs that an injection occurred and having relations or any form of stimulation is immediately encouraged to enhance the rejuvenation process.

Kelly Gilthorpe Burkenstock, M.D.

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