Hormone Replacement for Men & Women

The Value of Bioidentical Hormones

Hormone imbalances can cause hot flashes, weight gain, night sweats, and numerous other uncomfortable symptoms.  Simple lab tests can be performed to identify these imbalances and allow Dr. Burkenstock to design a nutrition and hormone replacement program to return the levels to a normal balance.

The hormones measured include those produced by ovarian, adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary functions. Natural replacement therapy can adjust for the hormones your body loses with natural bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones come from a plant source and help rebalance hormone levels in a natural way.

Both women and men can benefit from this therapy.  There are many hormone cascades within your body, and it is the combined symphony of hormones that leads to a balanced and properly functioning metabolism.  Returning your hormone balance to optimal levels can restore your metabolism to proper function, increase overall well-being and provide improvements in strength, libido, memory, erectile function, and vitality.

What Does Hormone Replacement Involve?

When Dr. Burkenstock receives the results of the necessary blood tests, she will arrange a one on one consultation to discuss them with you and formulate a treatment plan.

A one ingredient patch, pill, or injection addresses only one aspect of the hormone cascade.  The key to restoring balance to the multiple hormone cascades is to address them together as parts of the hormone symphony, whether you are male or female.

Restoring your natural hormone balance eliminates fatigue, low libido, hot sweats, low testosterone, moodiness, and lack of overall vitality.

Thyroid Supplement for Hormone Imbalances

Are You A Candidate for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Ask yourself a few questions:

1. Are your menstrual periods irregular?

2. Do you experience hot flashes or night sweats?

3. Is insomnia disturbing your sleep?

4. Do you feel unusually tired, especially in the afternoon?

5. Are you irritable, sad or depressed?

6. Does it seem like you have gained weight since last year?

7. Do you experience cravings for sweets, carbohydrates or alcohol in your life?

9. Do you experience bloating, gas or frequent diarrhea?

10. Have you become forgetful, fuzzy-minded or confused?

11. Are you anxious or have sudden anxiety attacks?

12. Do you have tension headaches or migraines?

13. Do you have stiff or achy joints, especially in the morning?

14. Sometimes do you feel overwhelmed, or just not yourself?

If you see yourself in this list of symptoms, hormone replacement therapy can help you jump back into life!

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