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Hair Restoration by Dr. Kelly Burkenstock

Hair loss can affect both sexes at any age and can be distressing. Triggers can include a wide variety of physiologic or emotional stresses, nutritional deficiencies, and hormone or endocrine imbalances. Luckily, there are targeted nutritional supplements and hair therapies as well laser, that when used together can effectively restore hair loss and thinning hair. At Skin Body Health, Dr. Burkenstock addresses hair loss from all angles. 

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is commonly used for anti-aging treatments, but can be excellent for stimulating hair growth. PRP is an extract of your own serum that contains 3-4 times more platelets, These PRP growth factors can work to restore the hair growth process by regenerating damaged hair follicles and stimulating new blood cell growth angioneogenesis which feeds new hair follicles. Injections of PRP allow for a deeper penetration into the scalp, thereby amplifying hair restoration capabilities. The injections can also be combined with other ingredients and nutrients to dramatically improve hair regrowth. It is a simple, safe, and reliable non-surgical procedure -a simple 30 minutes in the office and no down time. A series of three treatments every six weeks is required for optimal results. Hair restoration laser – A Laser Hair Laser cap is available for home use to enhance and amplify any hair regrowth program. The studies supporting hair restoration laser caps are impressive!

  • RFN (radio frequency micro-needling laser) is an innovative procedure that combines micro-needling with radio frequency laser energy that can be effective in treating mild hair loss in both men and women. Using tiny gold-plated needles, radio frequency laser energy is delivered deep into the underlying layers of the skin. Because the RF energy is delivered so deeply, it can produce faster, more dramatic results than micro-needling or other light-based lasers. It also does this without aggravating the topical skin layer, resulting in very little to no downtime! The treatment itself usually takes 1 hour, depending on the size of the treatment area, and the skin is typically red for the first day or two after treatment. However, the redness is mild and much less than you would see with laser procedures. 

Systemic inflammation as well as nutritional deficiencies play a key role in male and female pattern hair loss. There are various supplements to aid in your treatments. Collagen Supreme is a supplement that rebuilds the collagen in your body and can improve skin health, relieve joint pain, as well as make hair and nails grow faster. Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause diffuse hair loss that is usually reversible once addressed properly. ThyroidEnhance contains supportive nutrients such as selenium, magnesium and zinc to improve overall thyroid function and the resulting hair thinning. Zinc Prime is a supplement that helps transport oxygen, govern heart rhythm, help you sleep and keep you emotionally balanced. Low zinc levels and high stress are commonly tied to hair loss. The addition of zinc can greatly improve not only your health, but your hair growth as well

Fe Minerale is a biologically active form of Iron which supports blood cells, improves anemia and hair growth. When our Iron levels are low hair thins and weakens.

Enriching the diet with Foods rich in zinc, iron, B vitamins and adding nutritional supplements as above like  zinc, thyroid enhance, Fe Minerale, Methylfolate B9 & B12 you can enhance your body’s ability for hair growth.

Combining specialized Hair treatments with nutritional support can restore the hair and create more fullness for thinning hair.

Dr. Burkenstock 

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