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Learn About Getting Botox in Mandeville, Louisiana

Consultation Is Critical

At most aesthetic clinics, they believe anyone considering Botox injections must have a consultation before the procedure. An experienced physician will instruct you to grin, frown, and lift your brows. These expressions will demonstrate how your facial features move naturally, allowing the experienced physician to accurately administer injections.

A consultation session should also involve a thorough health assessment. The clinician administering the injections will need to know if you are taking any medications that could interfere with the Botox.

Possible Reactions

Botox might produce difficulties if it is not injected appropriately. Swelling and headaches are common side effects, however, there are some that are longer-lasting. Side effects are not permanent.

If Botox is not properly administered, it might mistakenly spread to muscles in your face, causing sagging or drooping in your eyelids or mouth. This is why, when looking for a Botox treatment, price should not be your first priority. It is more important to find a qualified physician. In Mandeville, the best clinicians are available to be at your service.

Bruising Is To Be Expected

Botox is injected with a small needle just beneath the surface of the skin. That means it does not typically cause bruising the same way fillers might; however, there may be minor contusions when the needle occasionally strikes a tiny capillary or blood vessel. These normally diminish on their own within a few days. Some providers perform bruising treatments the same day, using a laser to break down the bruise. The results are positive, and the bruise will be gone by the next day.

Bruising is less likely to occur than mild redness and occasionally swelling. This is usually gone within the first few hours of your injection, and you can resume your normal activities (with some exceptions).

After-Care Is Simple

What are the limits to getting back into a routine? The neurotoxin that is injected into your muscles will need some time to stabilize. However, after about four hours you can go about your normal routine applying cosmetics as desired. It may be prudent to wait 24 hours for strenuous exercise regimens.

Avoid flying for a few days following your Botox treatment. Toxins and their movement beneath the surface of your skin can be damaged by pressure.

Botox Doesn’t Last Indefinitely

Botox injections are not permanent. The effects will be noticeable within three days, but it may take up to a week for the full effect to be seen.

Everyone’s experience varies in terms of how long Botox lasts. The majority of injections are expected to last between three and six months. It will also depend on the areas injected and the amount of (number of units) administered and the dilution of the Botox powder by the clinic.

Botox Is a Preventative Measure

By your early twenties or late thirties, you may have noticed expression lines. Some of them are only apparent when you move your face, while others may be becoming more persistent.

Botox is a muscle relaxant. The less those muscles move around (contract), the less they create permanent expression wrinkles and fine lines. This is how Botox injections can keep creases and wrinkles from worsening or even forming. But that also means you’ll have to have a Botox procedure two to three times a year in order to prevent wrinkles and lines from forming or worsening.

Facial Wrinkles Aren’t the Only Element 

More Botox applications are being discovered as further study is undertaken. Botox has been shown to improve symptoms of muscle spasms, migraines, depression, and even sweating, in addition to making your face, neck, and de’collete’ (chest) look younger.

Because some of these treatments are still in the early stages of development, you should consult with your local Mandeville professional to see if you are a candidate.

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