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DNA Weight Loss Part 2: Sluggish Thyroid

Have you tried a diet plan with a friend where they lost weight and you didn’t? The answer is probably in your genes! As a woman physician who struggles with this very issue, it has been my life crusade to share my knowledge and personal experience of the often-overlooked, successful, multi-step approach to optimal weight. Your unique DNA sequences determine what percent of each macronutrient (protein fats carbohydrates) that you are built genetically to metabolize efficiently. This DNA information regarding your brain neurotransmitters, your proper food balance, and custom exercise recipe begins your personalized program. The DNA combined with your thyroid function, blood sugar ingestion, gut health, food allergies or sensitivities, hormone levels, and vitamin amino acid balance. It is an interconnected wheel and each component should be addressed in order to achieve lifetime optimal weight balance.

Thyroid disorders are very hereditary, being passed through genes. In addition, many women, as they enter middle age or after pregnancy, can have a sluggish thyroid. The symptoms are weight gain, fatigue, moodiness, decreased concentration, depression, decreased libido, vitamin deficiencies, muscle and joint aches, heavy or irregular menses, and infertility, as well as hair loss, puffy face, constipation, or dry hair and skin. You may experience some or all of the symptoms.

My advice to you is this.

Take nutritional supplements that support the thyroid: selenium, zinc, iodine, copper manganese, chromium, tyrosine, ginseng, and vitamins A, D, B2, B6, B9, and B12.

Eat foods that nourish the thyroid gland:  coconut oil, Cod Liver and fish oil, eggs, cheddar cheese, Seafood, tuna, Brazil nuts, lentils, sunflower seeds, bran, bananas and oranges.

Thyroid imbalance can be caused by many factors but the top two are tap water, which contains chlorine and fluoride; and over-priced refined foods such as white bread and flour or boxed foods that may damage the gland. Dieting and under-eating are top contributors as well while exercise enhances thyroid function.

By supporting a sluggish thyroid with a thyroid hormone ( not a chemical medicine)  the thyroid gland can then return to being the conductor of the body’s Orchestra. When the thyroid is balanced it re-establishes metabolism energy blood pressure cholesterol brain neurotransmitters and many of the aggravating symptoms which contribute to getting us back to optimal weight and emotional balance.

Stay tuned for part 3: Food Allergies In Optimal Weight.

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