DNA Testing for Weight Loss

What Foods are Right for Us?

Science continues to discover that there are connections between genetic makeup and nutrition.  Of course, other factors like lifestyle also fit into the body weight picture, but the variety of genes in all of us and their function do have a direct influence of our genetic ideal weight versus our real everyday weight.

How Can DNA Translate into Weight Loss?

Dr. Burkenstock tests 25 genes that indicate what macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) you are genetically programmed to process efficiently and in what proportion.  Here are some examples:

Test #1: Macronutrient processing.A client with test results suggesting a diet of 55% carbs, 25% protein, and 20% fat is built for a high complex carb, low protein, low fat diet.  If this client joined a high protein plan like “Ideal Protein,” they would eventually gain weight because their DNA is built to take energy and build muscle with a higher carb plan.

Test #2: Muscle type and exercise. Results determine your predominant muscle type: fast twitch, slow twitch or 50% fast/50% slow.  Muscle type suggests what types of activities are more suitable for your body and the best exercise regimen to burn fat most efficiently.  These activities may also offer you more athletic success, and therefore, encourage you to become more physically active.

Test 3#: Identifying genes that control cravings.There are seven brain genes and mutations that affect sugar carvings, dopamine “satisfaction” receptors, and MTHFR vitamin absorption receptors among others.  By supplementing these receptors, you can ward off unwanted cravings and self-sabotaging behaviors.

DNA Testing by Dr. Burkenstock to reveal keys to weight loss for individuals

What Goes into the Weight Loss Program?

Dr. Burkenstock combines your DNA report with your thyroid function, blood sugar, gut health, food sensitivities, hormone levels and vitamin balance to form an interconnected wheel representing your metabolic profile.  Each component plays an important role in achieving and maintaining optimal weight. Your wheel of information is what Dr. Burkenstock uses to develop a nutrition, exercise and supplement plan just for you, along with strategies to empower proper food choices, portion control and meal satisfaction. You can reach your optimal weight goal!

Dr. Burkenstock Puts All the Pieces Together for Weight Loss Success!

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