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Coronavirus by Dr. Kelly G. Burkenstock

Kelly Burkenstock, M.D., M.B.A. is an Internal Medicine physician with a special interest and fellowship in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine-( i.e. Preventative Medicine). She owns and operates Dr. Burkenstock’s Skin Body Health clinics in both Mandeville and New Orleans, Louisiana. Her passion is to empower her clients to look and feel their very best!

Your Immune System and the Wuhan Coronavirus
by Dr. Kelly Burkenstock

A reflection on natural immunity- 

Abraham Lincoln, Mozart, Beethoven and George Washington had one thing in common. They were all smallpox survivors.  At a time when no vaccines were available, their natural immune systems eventually conquered the epidemic. During that era, there were no constant recommendations to the public regarding frequent hand washing, nor warnings to avoid touching one’s face, (1767-1863).

Later, during 1918, another pandemic occurred caused by influenza virus H1N1- commonly remembered as the Spanish flu. It was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic which transpired after WW1.

Why did that occur and who were mainly affected? The soldiers at that time ate everything out of a can from spam-type meats to beans etc. There were no fresh fruit or vegetables available. These nutrient poor foods led to diminished immune systems among the soldiers. The Spanish flu outbreak spread quickly and vastly over the malnourished and weakened men. The viral infection was no more aggressive than previous influenza strains, but the malnourishment, overcrowded medical camps and hospitals, and poor hygiene promoted bacterial superinfection. A superinfection is likened to a double illness, the flu and a bacterial infection attacking a weak person at the same time..These superinfections, or double infections, killed most of the victims during this period.

Lessons learned– A weakened immune system allows viruses, the flu and bacteria to easily enter the human body and cause exaggerated illness, if not death.

AND it follows that a healthy, strong immune system has a God given or Universe provided protective mechanism to fight and destroy viruses, the flu and the multitude of bacteria that we are exposed to everyday!

Now we are in the midst of a new epidemic – The Wuhan Corona Virus-or Covid-19 as labeled by the World Health Organization.  There is much speculation as to how it arose, but nevertheless, it is looming large.

As an example, my acquaintance, who we’ll call Bob, just purchased these items to protect himself against the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Swimming goggles
Respirator masks  
Ear plugs
Chaga Mushroom Tea
Vitamin C 1000mg  
Vitamin D3 1000mg 
Vitamin B6 100mg   
UltraViolet Germ killing Lamp

These precautions seem to reassure him as he is hyper-alert  and stressed over the possibility of getting infected with the CORONAVIRUS! 
“Panic is highly contagious, especially in situations when nothing is known and everything is in flux,” Stephen King.

Let’s separate the Myths from the Facts—

It is a Fact that 25% of common colds are caused by the Coronavirus. There are seven or more different types of coronaviruses.

The Wuhan Coronavirus currently infects mainly people over 55 years old who have comorbid conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, deconditioning, and /or immune deficiencies etc.

Unlike the flu, children are rarely getting infected with the coronavirus.

This discussion reassures Bob, however, the best line of defense that Bob and everyone needs to understand is that scrupulous hygiene along with building up and maintaining your immune system is the best line of defense for most illnesses including the coronavirus.


  • The measles are more contagious than the  coronavirus.
  • One person infected with the measles typically infects approximately 12 to 18 people. 
  • One person infected with the coronavirus typically infects only 2 to 3 people.
  • One person infected with the flu typically infects 1 to 2 people.
  • The flu is less contagious than both the measles and the coronavirus.

Of those that contract the Coronavirus 98% survive, only 2% end in death. While any death is disheartening and unfortunate these are not the kind of death numbers that will wipe out a population. In fact the grand majority that become infected with coronavirus will have a mild 7 to 14 day illness. 

The more people that are infected with the coronavirus, then the more of the population that will be protected as the immunity among the population will grow, i.e. the theory of herd immunity.

The Lancet- “Herd Immunity- The more people get the virus -the more recover and that protects those who have not gotten it. “-January 31, 2020.The  Lancet further states the corona disease is predicted to peak by April of 2020 and then through so many people getting infected with the coronavirus and then recovering the Herd immunity for the community will set in. 

Coronavirus cases are then expected to decrease among the population after the April peak as immunity to the coronavirus is expected to spread amongst the population.

Perhaps -just maybe- exaggerated panic and fear are being used to market new products and pharmaceuticals,,,,

If you are young, healthy, strong with a good  immune system there is no imminent cause for alarm.

To Defend yourself and strengthen your immunity from the Coronavirus, the Flu, and other Viruses follow these 10 Preventative Medicine recommendations:

1) Sleep 7- 9 hours nightly.

2) Exercise 20 minutes or more daily.

3) Relax and minimize stress.

4) Practice conscious Deep belly (diaphragmatic) breathing. Deep breathing inhale to the count of 8, holding the breath for the count of 4, and then slowly releasing the breath to the count of 10, this breathing pattern turns off the flight or fight response and encourages calm and relaxation.

5) Hot soups – bone broth, chicken, garlic, ginger, onion, and vegetables.

6) No smoking.

7) Eat a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. A proper diet is beneficial to strengthening and maintaining your immune system. It is important to incorporate foods rich in Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fat (monolaurin), Phytonutrients, Garlic, Magnesium, Oregano, PREBIOTICS, PROBIOTICS, Selenium, Zinc, and Licorice root.

8) Maintain a healthy weight.

9) Alcohol refrain or drink in moderation.

10) Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing your hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.


Vitamin D:
Fresh fish
Cod liver oil
Fortified milk
Fortified orange juice
Beef or calf liver

Vitamin A:
Beef liver
Cod liver oil
Sweet potato
Black-eyed peas
Sweet red pepper

Vitamin C:
Brussel sprouts
Orange juice
Red, green and yellow pepper

Fat (Monolaurin):
Coconut oil
Coconut cream
Shredded coconut
Human breast milk
Cow and goat milk

Phytonutrients – Nature’s Natural Defense

Phytonutrient Rich Foods:
Leafy vegetables
Red onions
Black tea
Green tea
Red wine
Sweet potato
Curly kale
Fatty fish
Flax seed


Brazil nuts
Sunflower seeds
Shrimp and prawn
Brown rice
Whole wheat bread

Green vegetables
Cocoa, cocoa powder
Shrimp & scallops
Licorice root
Licorice tea
Licorice powder

Immune System Busters

These Foods are Bad for Your Immune System:
Alcoholic beverages
Fast food
Food and drinks high in sugar
Foods with MSG
Fried foods-french fries, potato chips etc
Pesticide ripened fruits and vegetables
Processed food in a box or a can
Refined Carbohydrates
Refined oils
Soda & Diet soda
Tobacco products

Panic does not help! 

Dr Burkenstock Coronavirus Research

Preventative strategies to improve health and your Immune system is the Key to health, longevity and wellness!!!
Kelly Gilthorpe Burkenstock, M.D., M.B.A.
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