Botox, BROTOX and Injectable Dermal Fillers

Noticing Some New Wrinkles and Lines in Your Face?

  • Think looking younger could help with that big job interview?
  • Feeling pressured by your friends and coworkers to maintain that youthful appearance?
  • Tired of seeing the effects of aging in your social media photos?
  • Finally realized those people who stay so young-looking take advantage of Botox and injectable fillers?

The Right Injectable Wrinkle and Line Fillers Can Erase the Signs of Time

Erase the signs of time with this minimally invasive and convenient method of wrinkle correction. After an in-depth consultation, Dr. Kelly Burkenstock will determine what FDA approved filler is best for you. She utilizes the most current international training and techniques to provide longer lasting fillers that are safe and simple.

Botox and Injectible Fillers help to erase signs of time

In addition to facial lines and wrinkles, Injectable Dermal Fillers can also be used for:

  • Scar Removal
  • Hand Rejuvenation
  • Deep Facial Lines
  • Restoring Facial Volume
  • Lifting Eyebrows
  • Tightening Skin

Botox Premium Facial Filler Offers the Highest Quality Results to Combat Facial Aging

Upper Facial Areas

Worry Lines - creases or folds in the skin of the forehead

Frown Lines - vertical wrinkles that appear in the area between the eyebrows just above the nose, called the glabella.

Upper Facial Areas - Worry & Frown Lines

Mid-Facial Areas

Crow’s Feet - persistent lines at the corners of the eyes that usually belong to those who smile, frown, laugh or squint often

Nose Bunny Lines - straight, slightly diagonal wrinkles or creases alongside the nose that develop over time due to repeated facial movements, such as wrinkling your nose

Smile Lines / Laugh Lines - are both terms for nasolabial folds. These wrinkles go from the edge of the nose and curve around the mouth. They appear when we smile or laugh, but as we naturally age, they begin to remain after smiling

Middle Facial Areas - Crows Feet and Smile Lines

Lower Facial Areas

Marionette Lines - the vertical lines that run from the corners of the mouth straight down to the jawline on either side of the chin, caused by repeated facial expressions

Chin Wrinkles come in several varieties:

  • Chin Crease - a horizontal line, sometimes shaped like an upside-down smiley face, across the top of the chin
  • Vertical Wrinkles - located at the outside edges of the chin
  • Dimpling on the Skin / Skin Depressions
Lower Facial Areas - Crows Feet and Smile Lines
"Brotox" - Botox Injectables for Men

What's Brotox?

Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures for men are increasing in popularity.  The number of injectable dermal filler procedures for men has risen almost five-fold since 2000, with male recipients of Botox (nicknamed “BROTOX”) averaging around 42 years old and the youngest group still in their 20’s. 1

Guys are increasingly getting Botox and fillers to appear younger 3

  • Plastic surgeons estimate that nearly 20 percent of their clients are men, an increase from previous years.
  • “BROTOX” makes up almost 10 percent of all cosmetic surgeries according to 2017 data from the American Society for Plastic Surgeons.

So, what’s driving this exploding trend in facial rejuvenation for men?

  • In general, today’s cosmetic procedures have less stigma attached to them. 2
  • Men have become more open and proactive about maintaining a youthful appearance. 2
  • Botox became known as the quick fix with no down time way to achieve the metrosexual 4 self-image for many men in the early 2000’s.
  • BROTOX allows men to look better, feel better and feel like they have a competitive edge in the job market. 2
  • The economy has raised the disposable income level for many young men pursuing urban careers. 2
  • Social media photos have inspired guys to choose a quick BROTOX treatment over posting a years-old picture of themselves. 3
  • The Millennial generation tends to see BROTOX and dermal fillers as a necessary part of regular maintenance for their appearance. 3
  • Print, television and social media ads for male cosmetic procedures are flourishing on sports shows and televised sporting events. 1

Give Botox/BROTOX a Try. After All, We Aren't Getting Any Younger!

Dr. Burkenstock will discuss the effect you’re hoping to achieve with Botox or a Dermal Injectable Filler.  She is a specialist who has experience with Botox and injectable fillers for both men and women.  This is crucial because of the differences in muscle mass, muscle fiber pattern and other areas between men and women.  The exact amounts and placement of injections varies between the sexes.

Answers to Common Questions about Botox and Injectable Dermal Fillers

  • Am I a candidate for cosmetic injectable fillers?
    For men and women, one of the earliest signs of aging is loss of facial fullness and the development of wrinkles. While cosmetic injectable fillers do not stop the aging process, injectable fillers will help delay the need for more invasive procedures such as a facelift, browlift, or other procedures.
  • Are cosmetic injectable fillers safe?
    Complications from filler procedures are uncommon. Dr. Burkenstock always uses FDA approved fillers to reduce the risk of any undesirable results. This combined with extensive international training makes cosmetic injectable fillers a safe and affordable procedure.
  • How long do cosmetic injectable fillers last?
    The effects of cosmetic injectable fillers vary from person to person. Typically, fillers last 6-12 months. Dr. Burkenstock offers annual packages to keep you looking your best all year long.
  • How long after I receive cosmetic injectable fillers will I need to recuperate?
    There is no down time after receiving fillers.  Some patients may experience mild swelling and bruising, which is easily treated with ice and covered with make-up.  Dr. Burkenstock recommends performing cosmetic injectable fillers no sooner than 1 week before any big social event.
Dr. Burkenstock and a Botox patient, Polly

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