Hormone Replacement for Men & Women

shutterstock_138177767 (hormones)_RETOUCHAre you a candidate for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone Profile:

1. Are your menstrual periods irregular?

2. Do you experience hot-flashes or night sweats?

3. Is insomnia disturbing your sleep?

4. Do you feel unusually tired, especially in the afternoon?

5. Are you irritable, sad or depressed?

6. Does it seem like you have gained weight since last year?

7. Is your interest in sex not what it used to be?

8. Cravings for sweets, carbohydrates or alcohol in your life?

9. Do you suffer from vaginal dryness?

10. Do you experience bloating, gas or frequent diarrhea?

11. Have you become forgetful, fuzzy-minded or confused?

12. Are you anxious, or I have sudden anxiety attacks?

13. Do you have tension headaches or migraines?

14. Do you have stiff or achy joints, especially in the morning?

15. Sometimes do you feel overwhelmed, or just not yourself?

If you are experiencing these symptoms you owe it to yourself to jump back into life!

You Are So Worth It! ™ 

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