Hand and Arm Rejuvenation

shutterstock_64672405 (hand and arm rejuvenation)Turn Back the Hands of Time

Hands have the same susceptibility to sun damage and aging as the rest of our body. Additionally, due to the aging process, we lose skin elasticity. There are several treatments available to rejuvenate our arms and hands, restoring a more youthful color, tone, texture, and contour. After a consultation, Dr. Kelly Burkenstock will recommend a course of treatment that may include fillers, laser, or skin tightening procedures to restore to the youthful color, volume, and plumpness to your hands.

Common Questions

  • When should I consider having Hand and Arm Rejuvenation?
    1. If your hands have prominent veins and tendons because of volume loss.
    2. If your hands and arms have age spots
    3. If your hands and arms are wrinkled and thin
    4. if your hands and arms would benefit from improved skin tone and color
  • How many treatments will I need?
    Every individual’s needs are unique. After an in-depth consultation, Dr. Kelly Burkenstock will recommend a treatment plan that is customized to your specific needs.
  • What should I expect immediately after Hand and Arm Rejuvenation?
    This depends on what treatments Dr. Kelly Burkenstock performs on you. Most patients will have little to no down time. Bruising and swelling are typical after Hand and Arm Rejuvenation.