Breast Implant Issues

shutterstock_169162463 (capsular contracture)_RETOUCHSolving your Breast Implant Issues with Ultrasonic Therapy

Dr. Kelly Burkenstock’s Aspen treatment is a nonsurgical treatment program for Capsular Contracture. Capsular Contraction is a condition that may affect those who undergo breast augmentation, either electively or after breast reconstruction. It is a hardening and constriction of the breast implant capsule and causes breast firmness. In the most severe cases, it can create a painful, distorted, misshaped, or oddly positioned implant. Capsular Contracture does not “go away” and must be treated immediately for best results. We use a combination of ultrasound, mobilizations, and at home exercises to treat Capsular Contracture.

Common Questions

  • Does it matter how soon treatment begins?
    Yes. It is of dire importance that you start the second a capsule begins or you notice some changes post-op. The earlier the treatment the butter the results.
  • My breast feels firmer and started to rise up after surgery, what could this be?
    If you noticed a change in the softness, position, or experience pain in your breast you may have capsular contraction. A hardening of the capsule or “scar tissue” surrounding your implant.
  • Is there such a thing as a preventative course of treatment?
    Yes. If you have family history, contracture problems in the past, or a high implant chances are you may benefit from Dr. Kelly Burkenstock’s Aspen treatment regime immediately post-op (2 weeks post-op) to prevent possible complications. Our staff will educate you on post-op mobilizations, garments, and what to look for in the event re-encapsulation occurs.

“Dr. Burkenstock and her team are simply amazing. They went above and beyond to squeeze me into their schedule, and after a week of aspen express, my right breast implant capsule has softened beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Burkenstock and her wonderful team to anyone who is looking for compassionate and top quality care.”